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Virtual program and resources

Virtual Programs

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Career Fairs

Alumni are welcome to all career fairs.

Fall Career Fair 2022 - On Campus, 10/12/22, 11am-3pm PT
Fall Career Fair 2022 - Virtual11/1/22, 10am-2pm PT

Meaningful Work Kit

Meaningful Work Insight Sessions
Are you considering different career paths, wondering what might be a good fit, or just want more information about yourself to help you make decisions?

If these questions resonate for you, try the Meaningful Work Kit! We will work together on an interactive assessment that helps you identify the values, skills, and elements of work culture most important to you. Join fellow Stanford students and recent alumni for a hands-on exercise and meaningful conversation, and leave with a tangible set of career priorities to help bring you clarity and shape your choices. You'll have a clearer sense of what makes you thrive, what meaningful work looks like for you, and what values are guiding you right now.

10/4/22, 12Noon-1:30pm PT
11/7/22, 1pm-2:30pm PT
12/6/22, 9am-10:30am PT

LinkedIn Workshops

Leveraging LinkedIn: Tips, Tricks and Tools
I’ve created a LinkedIn Profile - now what? Did you know that up to 85% of job opportunities are found through connections? LinkedIn is an amazing online platform to build these connections and identify these opportunities. Join fellow recent alumni and students in this interactive workshop to learn about our favorite LinkedIn strategies, features, tips & tricks.

9/27/22, 9am-10:30am PT
11/15/22, 12Noon-1:30pm PT
12/7/22, 1pm-2:30-pm PT

Additional Workshops

Creating an Online Presence - for PlusFive Alumni
11/9/22, 12noon-1pm PT

Career Connections

Events and Resources Through the Stanford Alumni Association

Check out the variety of programs offered for alumni each month. Many of the programs are career-related and are a great opportunity to learn.

Directions to Access Handshake for PlusFive Alumni

Are you a recent graduate and you still have access to your original student Handshake account? Please update your email so you will have access to appointment details and reminders, etc. 

  1. Log in to Handshake
  2. Go to Settings (under your initials in upper corner for web version, in the app it’s under Profile)
  3. Update your primary email address*

Did you graduate a while ago or you no longer have access to your old student Handshake account?

  1. Please complete this form
  2. We will update your email address on the back end so you will be able to log in

*More detailed directions for updating your email in Handshake are here.