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Career Coaching

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Career Coaching is an opportunity for you to meet virtually (via Zoom) with a Career Coach and discuss your career-related questions. These could include what you might want to do next in your career, transitioning well to other work areas, developing your job search materials, strategizing your career path and/or developing professionally. There are many other topics you might want to discuss and we are here to help you navigate your transition.

To schedule an appointment with a Career Coach, please go to Handshake and select a coaching appointment time.

Directions to Access Handshake Using Your Alumni Email Address
You will need an alumni email address to access Handshake because your student email will expire. Please get your Stanford Pass through the Stanford Alumni Association to receive your alumni email address. After you have your new email address, register a new account in Handshake using that address. You will receive a notice from Handshake with a verification code to complete the transition to your new email address. Processing your new account can take up to three business days. If you have filled out your student Handshake profile, and want to retain that information, complete this form.

Another focus within career coaching is career assessments.  Please see the assessment options listed below.

Assessments Options

Meaningful Work Kit

The Meaningful Work Kit empowers you to identify and prioritize what is essential to you at your core, work cultures that are a fit for you, and skills you enjoy using. The Kit is a practical tool that gives you concrete and valuable insights. You can make a 45-minute appointment with your career coach to do this card sort activity virtually during the appointment.


The CliftonStrengths assessment generates a list of your top five talent themes, along with action items for development and suggestions about how you can use your talents to achieve academic, career, and personal satisfaction.

Directions to Schedule an Appointment to take an assessment

  • Schedule an appointment with a career coach through Handshake.
  • If you select the Meaningful Work Kit, you will do the card sort activity virtually during the appointment. You and your coach can speak about a follow-up appointment during your assessment.
  • If you select CliftonStrengths, you will receive an email with instructions and a code to access the assessment.  After completing the assessment you will want to schedule a 45 minute assessment appointment to review your results and discuss how to utilize the information in your next steps.